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How Can I Maintain My Youthful Appearance With Dental Implants?

Because dental resorption can occur with long-term denture use, it is essential that patients take the time to speak to their dentist about the advantages of using dental implants as a foundation for implant-retained dentures. Dental implants allow men and women to maintain a youthful appearance by keeping bone resorption from occurring and allowing one to keep their confidence and self-esteem even after tooth loss. Dental implants are the best choice for tooth replacement outside of bone maintenance because they offer improved functionality, taste, self-confidence, and optimal, stress-free convenience.

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Who Is A Candidate For Dental Implants?

To ensure successful oral surgery, it is best that patients have sufficient bone already available for the implant to hold in place. If patients have been without a tooth replacement option for quite some time, or if they have been wearing traditional dentures for several months already, this bone may have deteriorated to the point that a dentist may not feel comfortable moving forward with oral surgery because of an insufficient foundation for the implant. This is when additional treatments such as bone grafting may be discussed to build up the bone of the jaw and allow the dentist to proceed with the implant procedure at a later time. Determining candidacy is often done during a physical evaluation and with x-rays to monitor the health of the jaw bone in its current state.

Are Dental Implants Worth It?

Though dental implants are costlier than other dental restorations including dental bridges, partial dentures, and traditional full dentures, they are a wonderful investment for many of our patients. Because of their longevity, patients are able to make an initial investment in their smile but reap the benefits of a permanent restoration that can maintain the jaw structure and eliminate the risk of unwanted bone resorption. This stable, strong, and durable restoration is often touted as the “gold standard” in tooth replacement.

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Dentures And Facial Appearance